Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adobe Flash Catalyst

So I downloaded the beta version of flash catalyst today. I have to say that I am very anxious to start using this puppy. I fiddled with the effects, and animations for about an hour today, and the ease of use is great. It allows you to do some very cool custom animations and effects in a short and simple time frame. I highly recommend it for any designer looking to speed up their animating, and customization with flash.

Below is an example that I created using Flash Catalyst. It has a great option for sequencing actions upon mouse click, or over states. The option below was rotate 3d action. It was very simple to implement.
Just click the logo and you will see the effect!

Flash Catalyst's Intuitive Actions allow for easy custom animations:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moving the maintimeline ahead in flash from within another clip!

Hey all! So I have run across this bridge many times in Flash CS3. How do I make a Clip move from within another clip?? Let's say I have a character. He walks across the stage. Then I have a separate character. I want one character to walk, and then at the end of the other character's movement jump ahead to the next scene.

First I create a new MovieClip using Cmd+F8, lets call this "Character1" in the instance name.

So I throw the clip on the stage from within the library. Then I add a stop(); action in the main timeline to stop the playhead. My character clip will still animate if given an animation

I double click within the clip and add these actions to a timeline layer:


What this action does is it tells our main timeline to go to frame 2 and stop.
From within the MovieClip. this.parent is the reference to the main timeline,
or the parent of our child timeline.

gotoAndStop(2); of course tells it frame 2.

This script could be added to a Button Event Listener as well,
just give the button an instance name of Button:

Button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, Button_CLICK);

function Button_CLICK(e:MouseEvent):void

Here are the files for this Example:


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